Three Ceilings Below.

A part of me longs to form a bond.

A bond so strong, It involuntarily phases in and out

Of the spiritual realm.

A bond, that makes death nothing more than a checkpoint;

Thereby materializing, growing ever-stronger in the hereafter.

A part of me sees this “longing”

As nothing but wishful thinking;

The floundering of a mad man anchored to the bottom

Of the deep blue sea –

Drowning, desperately trying to hold onto something –

Anything – to keep me afloat;

Leaning on “hope” to make this far-flung dream;

A reality.

– O.D. ©2020

Art by: Gydw1n  

13 Replies to “Three Ceilings Below.”

    1. Yeah, sometimes it can be incredibly difficult. Though I think it takes great strength to hope; that willingness to potentially get hurt is truly admirable in my eyes.

      Im terrible at hoping by the way 😅

    1. Ah Paul. Its so good to hear from you.

      The part about hope sustaining delusions forms my current thought process concisely. I had no way of exacting it but your comment helped.

      There is no way to know when your hope is going overboard is there? Sometimes when I’m in a position such as this I always remember that saying “too much of anything is not a good thing” I suppose even hope needs to be tempered and kept under control.

  1. For me, I learned that that longing is also a part of the journey. I found it’s not healthy to stay in a constant state of discontent with my circumstances, which goes hand in hand with still dreaming of something more, something greater than myself alone.

    That is to say: beautiful poem with those deep thoughts underneath.

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