The Nine Year Bender.


I don’t want

To live in a world

Where loving someone …

Is simply,

Not enough.


– O.D. ©2020


Art by: Gydw1n 


Back to abstract poetry. Getting those creative vibes flowing again.

If you missed it, I recently finished the unnamed girl series. A short six-part story I encourage you to check out if you enjoy story-telling and poetry all bundled up into one. Also because I worked real hard on it, it would not go unappreciated. Don’t forget to share your thoughts in the comments. You can check out all the parts here 


8 Replies to “The Nine Year Bender.”

  1. As someone who relates a lot to this, I truly hate that sometimes in this world love is just not enough. It is so refreshing to read your abstract pieces after a long time. This one was soul awakening and relatable. Although I am not sure if I can make sense of the title but as usual your wit is clearly accentuating in your title choices.

    Enigma 🙂

    1. Lol the title has to do with filling that void with something else entirely. Or rather, the ‘poet’ learning the need not to fill that void entirely.

      The title tells the over-arching story. The poem highlights a piece of it 💚🙂

    1. I agree. It really is all or nothing at the end of the day. Glad you’re now able to comment on the poetry 💚

      Had to fix my settings 🙂

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