Thoughts Like A Theme Park (Part 1 )


I ruminate over an unearthly amount of time here,

This medium and I bleed into each other,

A testament to our unspoken blood oath.

Quite the task, telling me and my poetry apart,

Honestly, where would you even start?

You would have better luck counting back from infinity.


 A glimpse of my thoughts is like ingesting an Albert Hoffmann creation

My world is like looking at a rainbow and seeing colours diverging —

Criss-crossing, Intertwining, binding and colliding.

Absolutely. In my world, reality and I repurpose a rainbow for shibari,

I hear you say, “Well, by that point, It’s no longer a rainbow”

To which I say “Precisely. It’s become something more”


– O.D. ©2020


Art by: SuperPhazed 


New series. New stories to share.

Excited to write this set of poems in particular. Stay tuned.