Update No.5 *Recording Included*


Small status update.

Indeed, I have a voice too. If you had yet to hear it, well, here it is. There are many other posts I’ve voiced in the past; for those interested.

4 minute listen


– O.D. ©2020


Art by: RHADS 

6 Replies to “Update No.5 *Recording Included*”

    1. Hello John. I’m happy to hear from you. Thank you very much, i’ll try my best to use this time effectively. I hope you are staying safe and that you are happy 🙂

  1. Hearing your voice is a good virtual visit. My husband asked who you were. I explained you had recorded an audio blog post. He thought that was a great idea. He was a sound recordist for film and tv before he retired so a recorded blog post is right up his alley. Stay well.

    1. Thank you Anne. I’m touched by your kind words 🙂. Please let your husband know I appreciate his input.

      Sometimes I record but I’m unsure if it gels well with all my other content. I’m happy to know it works for you.

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