I’m a writer. Of course — words mean everything to me.

It’s when your actions go against everything you say

That I, as a writer, can openly admit

That (your) “Words mean nothing to me”


– O.D. ©2020


Art by: GUWEIZ


I love you, yes you.

Totally unrelated, I know. But I also have nice things to say sometimes, dear reader.

Stay safe.

22 Replies to “Padding.”

  1. I hear you there. Words DO mean everything…. except when they don’t. When the actions become louder than the words, than the letters, than the symbols and dashes and lines.

    1. Exactly. Some people think they are so clever lol Better to be authentic and true to yourself. Avoids unnecessary contradictions. Keeping up appearances is a job and half.

  2. This is some kind of telepathy for sure, Dante! I recently wrote a piece on a similar subject and it is beautiful to read something on the topic of words and actions. I really enjoy your sheer wit.

    Stay safe!
    Enigma 🙂

    1. I just had a quick glance at your page and was surprised to see that as well haha. Yeah, its crazy and a little intriguing that we dabbled in the same line of thought.

      Maybe a signifier that we ought to continue our plans to collaborate *nudge* *nudge* lol I sent a response to your mail. Hope you got it 🙂

      1. Oh you did! I have not checked out the mail since a bazillion years due to the spread of the pandemic. I hope you are well! Sorry for the wait I will check it immediately.

        Stay safe!

        Enigma 🙂 ❤

  3. You stay safe too! In Canada the physical distancing is measured by a hockey stick. If the person is closer than the length of your hockey stick you can hit them with it. Just a bit of Canadian humor in the time of covid.

      1. And you know, some free information… Nobody is getting off the net, this is real hagahahahagaha! Nah, don’t wanna ha! And you are…? I bet this is the one that makes you flip!

      2. Hahahahaha!!! How can u let her! Why do u keep showing up like that! Aren’t you the leader? So lead bra, u keep showing up for these petty spats.

      3. I was trying to force you into what? Me? NEVER!
        Stop be….uh, what was I saying..uh stop be…I forgot, but choose a perception!!!

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