Ridiculousiology (Final)


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Want to hear a joke?

Life, that’s what.

Fact is, anything can be funny.

You don’t have to believe what I say to be true.

You just have to change the context.


– O.D. ©2020


Art by: snatti89 


I find the philosophy of absurdism to be relatively comical, how humans seek to build meaning or find inherent value in a universe that is completely indifferent to their presence. Because the alternative is scary, isn’t it? Believing there’s nothing leaves you with nothing. If there’s no meaning to anything then there’s no point to anything. A nihilist’s wet dream for sure.

Life sucks (I know, ‘boo-hoo’ right?) everyone knows this but hear me out. Truth is, there is strength in rebelling against a seemingly ‘cursed’ fate such as this. By rebellion, I don’t mean being reckless, self-sabotage or suicide. 

See, I think of Sisyphus in this instance. For those that don’t know Sisyphus, he is a figure in Greek mythology who was punished by Zeus to forever roll a boulder up a hill. Every time he would push it to the top, it would roll down and he would have to do it again and again. This entire process can be likened to life in general. The end is sealed, we are not in control of this process. Our irrational universe is.

…. But the interesting thing to this story is how it proceeds beyond this point.

Sisyphus knowing his fate to be sealed, knowing there was no escape, did something that the Greek gods did not expect. He embraced his fate. Instead of toiling in misery and frustration over the boulder rolling down, he made a game out of it. He found ways to enjoy it, getting creative despite his circumstances. This is the rebellion I’m talking about. The gods were left furious and confused as the punishment did not achieve its intended purpose.

Life may suck sometimes, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t enjoy the view on the way down. Have fun. Do stupid things for the sake of it.

Just the other day I slept upside-down. Woke up confused, but that subtle change made all the difference for the rest of the day.

Hell, tomorrow I plan on brushing my teeth with my left (and weaker) hand. Why? Because I can. And because I’ll laugh at myself in the mirror.

And the day after? I’ll walk around my house nude, because why the hell not right?  


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