I’ve grooved through familiar tunes.

I’ve been entranced by the same pitch –

– the same dance, many times over.

How am I the pessimist

For simply knowing how it ends?


– O.D. ©2019


Art by: Aenami



7 Replies to “His/Hers.”

      1. Usually it is a book we have lived. I have a friend who , whenever he sees a situation developing that he thinks is a repetition of some other previous life experience he says :”I’ve read this book before.” So the “book” is just a metaphor for life really. I’m in an odd mood this evening O.D. so I felt like you were not pessimistic but just seeing something familiar so you knew how the story, the “book” would end .

      2. Lol My mistake. I misunderstood your meaning but I get it now.

        Why are you in an odd mood? I hope everything is alright 🙂

      3. Everything is absolutely fine
        It is just the winter weather is pretty intense and that makes many of.us up here take a bit of an odd look at the world especially on a night when.the snow is whipping past the window with gale force winds and I am wondering if my husband is driving safely and how much clothing will I need to put on to take our little puppy out before she goes to bed. Real first world problems. 😄

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