My one wish with regards to this

Is, quite simply, that what I pour

Through the bits and pieces

Making what you call my poetry

Percolates, through each page,

An unconventional filtering process

That subsequently permits my words to settle –

At the very bottom: the final page,

Of my journal, clearer,

Your thoughts and mine, aligned,

All in the comfort of a more formative design.


– O.D. ©2019


Art by: Aenami



6 Replies to “R—each.”

  1. The one of having minds aligned
    that is a great mission to have
    we want the words to be combined
    in such a way to inspire feelings
    like love or the one we are inclined,
    beautiful poetry can be awesome
    & creating this synergy feels divine.

  2. As I have been reading and analyzing your works, I noticed one more unique attribute in your pieces. You take a simple single thought and transform it into an artwork. Your poetry does not have a multitude of messages or thought-processes but a simple, comprehensive and clear thought with a pandemonium of emotions behind it.

    I, as an aspiring writer and artist, find it quite difficult to entangle a single, isolated thought with so many meanings. I always try to fit in more meanings and make it a spiderweb.

    Coming towards this piece, I really like how simple the thought-process is again and the way you string words in sort of a contemporary style and your titles are just a true example of a cosmopolitan, modern art if I am allowed to say that/

    The relatability and connect of a reader to a writer’s words is truly the message mirroring in this piece.

    Another little piece that credits your experience in writing and embellishes your uniqueness.

    I have been on a hibernation lately from WordPress. But I hope I catch up on your posts soon.

    Enigma 🙂

    1. I have been humbled by your kind words Enigma. Truly made my day 🙂 .

      I’ve actually noticed how inter-laced your poetry is and that’s one of the things that drew me to it, apart from the fact that you design it so meticulously and every word is purposefully placed. I can relate to that. I feel we are the type of writers who don’t believe in mistakes, that there is an inherent meaning in how everything forms on the page 😀

      I’m happy to see you here again. I hope to see your new poetry as well 🙂

      1. You are right about that, Dante. I choose my words meticulously after all, poetry is nothing but the bracelet of words. I am glad to be on WordPress as well and I did decide to get my rusty creative boulders to start working. I hope you keep writing! As always, it was a pleasure to read your piece.

        Enigma 🙂

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