Default Mode Network.


You call it daydreaming

I call it reconnecting with myself.

You call it being aloof

I call it tending to my own business.

Don’t you see?

My vessel always does little to represent what I feel within.

I am, at the very least thankful it shows I exist.


It’s tempting, to reminisce over the past

How I might have done things a little better,

However, its a hole I wish to stay far away from.

The future? Ah, the future. All the possibilities.

Despite my cautious optimism, I try not to think of it either.


No amount of forward-thinking will solve what I need solving now

Highly in touch with my emotions, basing decisions on inherent values

Hard logic has never really been my strong suit.

I stick to the present because I don’t know,

I don’t know how anything from now

Till the end of this piece could change in ways

I would have no means to explain.


Despite living in every moment of every day

I deviate from making my thoughts systematic – a routine.

A mechanical, procedural, curation of events

Devoid of inspiration and agency.


Make no mistake, I have no control over my life

– Not absolutely any way.

But what gives me power is knowing I can choose

What I’m about to feel and do in the now

After all, that’s where I am.


– O.D. ©2019


Art by: Aenami




10 Replies to “Default Mode Network.”

  1. Profound. As I was reading I was trying to guess where you were going with this and then you delivered the perfect finale.
    It had such a sci-fi feel to it. There were moments it felt like the opening monologue to a sci-fi thrilled.
    Very well done.

      1. I agree. I’m sometimes guilty of having abstract pictures if the concept I’m trying to explore has no visual representation.

  2. Every time when I read your pieces, I am amused by the plethora of different themes you explore in your writings and give an abstract picture of the multitude of your thoughts.

    The theme of this piece is an odyssey of your thoughts. The title accentuates the chilling and tech-savvy vibe but the verses talk about the fundamental present and how present is the only time you exist. The past is reminiscent and the future is uncertain. But it also takes courage to devour each and every moment of the day without making it monotonous, systematic and a routine.

    “You call it daydreaming

    I call it reconnecting with myself.

    You call it being aloof

    I call it tending to my own business.”

    These were my favorite lines. I love the fierceness and the consciousness of the writer in these lines. I admire your talent for coming up with one of the best opening verses I have ever read.

    A stunning piece.

    Enigma 🙂

    1. Thank you for your exquisite analysis (it’s always exquisite lol) I appreciate you doing this.

      You know, I find it hard to spend so much time thinking about the future. That uncertainty keeps me off-balance and at times makes me a little anxious. I mean, I could die at any time, right?

      The present is where it’s at, at least for me. I think the only time I think of the future is when it is immediate. Like what I’ll have for lunch e.t.c

      Good to have you back, you’ve been missed. I hope you’re gracing us with some of your lovely poetry Enigma 🙂

      1. I really enjoy in dissecting the meaning behind the words of a writer and your pieces often give me a chance to do so.

        I read somewhere, “That the most futile thing a person can do is either living in the memories of the past or knitting dreams of the future.”

        And your view truly defends this quote.

        Thank you for your kind welcome! I also missed this little space. Hoping to read more from you and I will try to update as soon as I can.

        Keep Writing!
        Enigma 🙂

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