Returning Reason(s)


We can call this a status update or anything else you find more soothing. All I know is I had to record something as soon as I got home.

Use earphones if you can 🙂


For anyone interested Reason(s) 1 – 7


Also, ask me anything. Would be nice to finally have that Q & A


– O.D. ©2019


Art by: GUWEIZ

7 Replies to “Returning Reason(s)”

  1. WOW! First Impression of your voice: Incredibly pleasant, attractive, vibrant, masculine voice.

    A fair way to describe your voice might be that it sounds like “the voice of someone that one would expect to make a good neighbor”. You definitely would have had a career in the Age of Radio, OD.

    I’ll be back a bit later today to listen to the full recording. But I could not resist immediately checking out what your voice sounds like on my new speakers the moment I saw that you had posted a recording.

    1. Thank you for your kind words Paul. I’m trying to get more into it ever since I got the new mic; you’ll be hearing more from me haha.

      There’s a lot of rambling but let me know what you think of the overall subject matter 🙂

  2. This world can be pretty nasty at times, but then there are the days we get to make someone happy. How your student’s eyes lit up when she saw the cake — that is precious. Sometimes even if we don’t care about someone — even if they’re just a stranger — it’s still a pretty good feeling when we make them happy.

    On a larger level, I take all of that as a refutation that we are in this world solely and only for ourselves. Whether nature evolved us to care about others, or god designed us for it, so much of our own happiness depends on our interactions with others.

    That’s why I’m wondering about this “bad place” you speak of, OD? Could it have something to do with your friendships and associations? Did any negative people come into your life around the time you got into a bad place? Did you have any notable falling outs with a friend?

    Usually, when I get into a bad place in my life it seems tied up someone in my relationships. Not necessarily straight-forward cause and effect, but still someone entwined, somehow muddled up with my relationships.

    I like the idea of podcasts. You certainly have both the voice and the easy to listen to style for it. I have only recently begun listening to podcasts. The only thing I dislike about them is that you cannot read them fast or slow like you can read text so a two hour podcast is a TWO HOUR podcast — and cannot be sped up.

  3. Good to hear your voice Original Dante, Ii think its commendable that you are owning your story. Would you consider your inner being to be a mess all the time ?
    I like what you said about gifting your future self from your past self…

    I think you should move to the podcast format…Id like to collaborate with you!

    1. Thank you for your kind words. To answer your question, I cant remember the last time my inner-self was not a mess lol

      I would love a collaboration with you 🙂

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