Something + Not –


How about I grace the interim with a little poetry?

Nothing wets the creative palette like a fresh barrel of ink

The lines I formulate find their way beyond the comfort of the page

Percolating; escaping; eventually materializing into the real,

So surreal in how they give me the warmest caress;

The warmest reassurance.


It is no surprise then

Why I happen to be my own greatest cheerleader,

I am continually astounded, dear reader,

Each time I feel I have scaled the horizon I believe to be the limitations of my mind

I am taken aback time and again when I see the illusion lift like a curtain,

Revealing yet another horizon, yet another step.

…… Yet another platform, to hoist me much higher.


– O.D. ©2019


Art by: JoeyJazz


Shout-out to those that get the title 🙂

I sometimes put hidden clues in my titles pertaining to how I’m feeling. But I’m never sure if anyone sees what I’m going for lol