See, when you build a false narrative for everyone to believe

You better be good. Oh, you better be good.

You better make doubly sure you revise,

Re-write and give concise adjustments to all future drafts.


Deception is a hungry beast; what you offer is never enough,

Don’t rest when you know there’s no way to account for future encounters

Crunch time on a daily, nursing crippling anxiety from getting through

Yet another day with a well-crafted lie;

Why complain about mental decline

When its a chosen struggle hitched to your ride? 


What I say may mean little to you,

And that’s okay. After-all,

You’re the expert.


– O.D. ©2019


Art by: JoeyJazz




5 Replies to “Retcon.”

  1. Recently, I told a white lie to some old, old friends and a few family members because I was afraid if I told them what I was really up to, they might think I was too ambitious. I am paying for the lie with mounds of guilt. Very insightful post, Michael. You put me in mind of Mark Twain. Wasn’t it Twain who said something like, “Tell the truth. It is easier to remember what you said”?

    1. Perhaps you were avoiding a scenario where their concerns would harm your progress. I probably would have done the same thing in a bid to avoid conflict.

      We are patient Paul, but I believe there are times when avoiding a particular route is beneficial to our mental health. For example, I don’t hang out with certain “friends” as much anymore because I’ll be “busy”. “Busy with what?” They may ask; “busy staring into the distance and reflecting on my value system”

      To them that does not constitute as being “busy”. But you know what? I don’t care (I mean that nicely lol) I’m busy, so I’m busy.

      If you feel your project will not be received well by certain people in your space, and you think the wise course of action is keeping it under wraps. I’m in total support of your decision. You know your heart better than anyone else 🙂

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