I paint the picture with an askew frame of mind 

You would have to tilt your head to get a better look

And even then, it would be half the journey to deciphering

The pages zerg rushed by the slickness of my ink.


The slant of my nature is not intentional

The same can’t be said about my ability to encumber the page

Of my journal, with words. I pour; heart and soul,

With Victoria Falls-like velocity

Try not to pass judgement till you witness

How Italics look upright given my point of view

Also, the reverse is true.


If ever I’m not in control of my state of mind

I hold tight to the steering wheel till I make it mine

Letting go of all the baggage,

Letting it slip through my fingers with a likeness similar to

Attempts at getting a firm grip

On the definitive shape of water. 


– O.D. ©2019


Art by: kevron2001


Thank you to everyone who commented and gave me advice on my post The Flow (Part 3). You didn’t have to, and yet you did, and I truly appreciate all of your kind words.

I have been focussing on the things I love doing. Using all my energy to stay productive and continue ongoing projects. The alternative is getting stuck in my head and at the moment, it’s not the cosiest place.

Enjoy your week 🙂


5 Replies to “Off-Kilter”

  1. I love the illustration you have chosen for this poem. A light bulb shattering with an illuminated flower bursting forth. And you are not alone…none of us need to get stuck in our heads no matter how cosy they may be. Onwards ever onwards.

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