Rooted firmly, yet from the presupposed vertical path

I choose to take a chance, I offshoot.

Branching off from those that bark incessantly

Adjoined they are, with the consensus, in interpreting

What I say, however they want.

Neither here nor there,

Naturally, I’m part of a bigger whole,

Indulging in that which has been graciously provided

For each and every one of us; light.

As a result, don’t let the green that drapes over me

Confuse you with notions of naivety;

It’s just my favourite colour.


That’s right, an entire verse laced with

Subtle nods to a greater metaphor:

A tree. And where I fit.

But some wouldn’t see that unless I broke the fourth wall

Or they chose to read it twice.

Some would rather I water down my delivery

To compensate for their understanding,

Which they for some reason equate to everyone else’s.

Well, excuse me for giving my avid readers too much credit.


Make space and lay down my isolated lines

Take them in at your own pace and get your fix

Addicted, to natural energy dug up from within

High off life, letting the remnants of my energy

Leak through my words. I don’t need it all,

But someone out there certainly does;

A palette cleanser, I am, as I write my troubles out of existence

With a synthesis reminiscent 

Of creation, in reverse.


Please don’t excuse me for just another people pleaser

Or worse, an eager leader

I’ve been too busy trying to unearth the limitations of my mind

Hence, I could not, in good conscience take the responsibility

Of leading everyone else through life’s grind.


So, when that day comes;

And, of course, it will

It comes for all of us

Know that the truth that lies in my heart

Bears more weight than what anyone could ever say

About me, or to me.


– O.D. ©2019


Art by: kevron2001





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