But, Why?


Because I can.


– O.D. ©2019


Art by: JoeyJazz


At times, I get asked why I write some of the things I write. Sometimes its genuine curiosity and sometimes (but very rarely) its a covert attempt at digging through my values. To whoever wonders why I do what I do, the answer is this micro-poem.

I will write about whatever I want with no intention of leaving anyone hurt. But the truth is, whenever you explore ideas you run the risk of offending someone; and that’s an outcome I’m prepared to be accountable for. I don’t write for anyone to kiss my a** but to find like minds who I can share and explore ideas with. And I won’t be neutered by a conformist who seeks to please every Jack and Jill on the planet.

So yes, I will write about Black empowerment, I will write about love, I will write about gun violence, I will write about alcohol/drugs, I will write about hope, I will write about sex or a combination of all the above. The thing you don’t want me to talk about because you feel I will lose readers is the exact thing I’m drawn to write about. 

I value my readers, but letting them dictate all the issues I address is as good as being a robot. And for the readers that have been with me from the beginning, they know I’ve always been this way. Being true to who I am is the best thing I feel I can offer to anyone who has taken the time to read what I write.

12 Replies to “But, Why?”

      1. Yes i have, and i agree stick to your heart when it comes to writing. Eckhart tolle ( i think i spelt his name wrong) wrote in his book power of now, not everyone will understand the contents of his book.or words to affect off.
        And i write stuff that i somestimes get a bit….for… and takes me back… but i carry on eventually..lol

  1. If you can’t be yourself, then who can you be? Some will never exercise their freedom to be an individual, so instead, they will forever be in the ear of those that do, wondering how they do I and why they’re unafraid.

    I appreciate your writing.

    1. I can attest to witnessing such behavior. A copycat is truly annoying. Maybe I’m wrong but I associate it with low self-worth. I can only hope more people start to embrace themselves as time goes on.

      Thank you, I appreciate your kind words.

      1. Right??? You start to wonder who they truly are if all they seem to do is mirror your actions.

        Its actually a damaging to your psyche when you think about it. Because if you let it persist, you’ll notice that at later stages you may even start to question your own identity based on their own mishaps.

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