Even now, I hesitate to speak of every little thing that bothers me

People are capable of caring genuinely; but not entirely.

Makes sense, after all, everyone has their own story to contend to.


Nevermind those…


What I speak of are competitive folk.

Those who listen as you mourn your loss,

And as you cry, are all too busy formulating

An over-exaggerated, self-righteous speech in their head

If only to prove how much they can out-mourn you.


– O.D. ©2019


Art by: JoeyJazz


Pain is pain no matter how small it may be for you. Don’t patronize someone else’s pain because you’ve gone through it or it feels small to you. Don’t compare how you deal with pain with others’ way of doing it. We all go through the same events differently.

And just because you’re a supposed “expert” at suffering, doesn’t mean everyone should automatically feel good whenever you show your martyr complex like a trophy. 

13 Replies to “Hesitate.”

      1. I don’t go back and fourth with anyone unless we’re trying to reach some sort of resolve. And, for clarity, out loud I’ll ask: Why are we arguing/debating this? or What do you want to do about ______? And if I get a bs answer, I will sing some good song lyrics in my head until they’re done.
        Being right, feeling right or having the last word holds no value to me. I let them have their win because that is probably all they have.

      1. I am finding it hard to keep up with the blogging this winter season in Florida. I have a lot going on in the riding and training with my horse and the blog posts I have been doing involve interviews and photography of the interviewees in competitions. So I have been getting behind in keeping up with my favorite bloggers. Thank you for welcoming me back!

  1. I had a friend, Josh, who liked to fight with his hands. One day he told me how much he enjoyed it when someone pulled a knife on him.

    I was surprised, I asked him why.

    “Because it shows me they’re scared. Theirs something exciting in seeing your prey sacred.”

    Words something like that. It’s been twenty years.

    Anyway, I feel a little bit the same way when someone tries to out mourn me. It’s a very weak thing to do. I kind of know they’re too weak to be friends.

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