Earth, Earth, Earth …

Just a house with sparsely spaced continents;

What we call countries mark our different but

Intricately designed rooms, some of which are divided

By an ambitious swimming pool.


Easy to forget we are all connected 

Till you remember we rely on the same light;

Probably a good thing that the orb of light

Is within sight, and not within reach,

You just know some eager fellow

Would’ve already tried to claim it as their own.


And guess what? Those that play the part of our parents?

Those that claim to run governments, in our best interests?

Making rules behind their lavish podiums?

Do more when fattening their pockets with that Charles Darrow currency.


This is why I chuckle when they think I am, at all, interested in what they have

No, you delusional pieces of unintelligible refuse

The only time you could ever have me flinching;

Fighting fiendishly, for something I want

Is when you manage to make yourself at home

In the world that inhabits my mind.


But till then,


And like a good little boy/girl

Keep playing boss in your dollhouse.


– O.D. ©2019


Art by: nehas91







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