Authentic: You


I’m not telling you how to live your life

No, far from it; all I’m saying is

If you choose to lie to yourself long enough

Intent on being evasive

Of the pain that comes with the truth

Every delusion you have carefully crafted

For everything but your name

Will, in your world, become true.

And in all honesty,

That should frighten you.


– O.D. ©2019


Art by: JoeyJazz


Simple, but true. I love authenticity in character. Why forfeit your identity to masquerade as someone or something you are not? Perhaps there are do or die situations I’m not aware of. But outside of that, I cannot bring myself to understand.

The deeper someone pretends to be something they are not, the harder it will be to find themselves when they genuinely want to. 




10 Replies to “Authentic: You”

  1. Very true. The invention is FB, Twitter, etc, has allowed many to be someone they are not. There is no one like you, so why try to be someone else? I never understood that. Great write, OD 😊

    1. Its like trends and other forms of brands have transcended from the material to the spiritual. Most people would rather adopt a trendy personality and mark it as their own.

      And given the social networks you mentioned; I agree. The subcultures within those social networks perpetuate and encourage that kind of thinking and behavior.

      Thank you for the comment, DD 🙂

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