Know (?)


If you were given the chance,

How much more of me would you wish to know?

When do I tell myself to stop talking without feeling like …

Like, I’m not telling you something important?

Because to me, it’s all connected, you know.

But to you, well, they may just be fragments.


When do you tell me its enough, to stop.

Or, should you even say that?

Especially if you keep asking to know more.

In the end, when can we really say it has all become “too much”?

Foregoing accountability for either saying too much;

Or asking to know more

About what we are not yet prepared to hear?


– O.D. Β©2019


Art by: NielsHoyle-Dodson


Dear reader, how much is too much? (especially when those we love are involved)


8 Replies to “Know (?)”

  1. Intriguing piece of writing. It gives an insight to so many people’s heads and it is relatable. The pace of the poetry makes this a delightful read.

    Enigma πŸ™‚

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