Skill >>


The level of my skill hovers somewhere between now

And the day my story reaches its end.


To those looking for a definitive measure of my abilities,

A qualitative and or quantitative study of my talent

Is hidden between the crevices that mark the borders governing a single moment.


A single moment, from the beginning till the end of time

Spaced out and compartmentalized 

Into what we, as humanity, believe to be digestible:

A calendar.


Four dimensions bind our reality,

A sandbox we’re content building our little castles in

We all have our chosen spots; but still, they ask where I fit.


Where I fit, in this illustrious sandpit.

All the while not asking who or what holds it all together.

“What? No. Not me. That would be crazy.”


My body may be bound to the familiarity of this plane,

But my mind? Well, my mind wanders. 

Mental musings scaling the space that exists between constellations

— And that’s on a bad day.


Unapologetically wild with my thoughts and all processes associated.

Concealed within my brain casing is a world I am in love with

A world I wish to show you with each word I write.

But, much like anything else;

Everything in moderation, right?


– O.D. ©2019


Art by: SquidMag