Just a bunch of broken pieces trying their best

To find, which parts fit, with which …


Scattered, they are, my emotions

All in conjunction with associated propositions

Much like the layout of this entire poem.


Jagged edges that take time to link

Sometimes, two bits align, but none come after

And perhaps they are not meant to.


I have far outgrown the thought of an ideal narrative

I could ponder on and on about why life isn’t fair

But honestly, I find the thought revolting

Who else do I blame about the way I feel about the world besides myself?


Fate? Destiny? No, I don’t believe in that,

Just circumstances coming into focus;

Sequences of events that run in parallel with our different realities.


I believe in people giving more weight to various phenomena

That can, under different circumstances, through different lenses,

Be easily explained.


“I believe in a universe that does not care,

But people that do”


– O.D. ©2019


Art by: michifromkmk

I’m an avid gamer, I think I’ve mentioned that once or twice here. When I’m not on my blog I’m either playing a game, listening to music, or pursuing other projects (like writing my book).

Late last year I was playing this game called Night In The Woods…


(spoiler alert) there was a character who said the exact same quote I said at the end of my poem. And for some reason, when they said that, it all clicked for me. I had been thinking of the same thing for the longest time and to hear the character say what I felt was a little mind-blowing. Sure, prior to seeing that quote I probably would have said it differently but, the feeling was still the same. 

I am not very religious. In fact, I’m not religious at all (used to be though). I chose to live this way because I believe in doing good that comes straight from the heart. Because it feels right and it soothes my soul. It always felt odd when I would make a choice on whether to do good or bad solely based on my fear to go to hell.

But with that little factor out of the way, I find myself truly feeling like I’m doing good because I want to, not feeling like a hypocrite who just wants to go to heaven (I’m not saying religious people are hypocrites, I’m only exploring how I felt when I adhered to the doctrine and all its teachings) People close to me sometimes get rattled when I mention this, but there really is no need to worry. 

If I do burn in hell because I didn’t associate myself with any religious denomination; it’s okay. Because at the end of it all I’ll know it was my own conscious choice and not one that was made for me.


In other news: working on Flow (Part 2)



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