Realm Of Exactitude.


Nevermind language; all words are priceless,

If only because once they leave the tongue

Taking them back becomes a whole new narrative;

Furthermore, the meaning behind each one,

With the consideration of timing and tone,

Is entirely relative.


As I take a moment to build a piece,

Each word I place in sequence, to the best of my ability;

All based on a metric that necessitates its placement

In the containment of each sentence; 

Ultimately, letters are allocated accordingly

In a deliberate attempt, to create meaning and order,

On the abacus, that is my page.


– O.D. ©2018


Art by: Frayde


Creating meaning out of anything and everything; I am in love with the creative process.

It’s interesting how you can write something intending for it to convey a specific idea but it actually sparks a different meaning in others. Some people may think of that entire situation as vexing, but for me, that’s where the beauty lies.







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