Anonymous: Online.


The power of cyberspace,

Honestly, who can doubt it?

What you read now could, in essence, be the exact representation

Of long-lost texts recycled and relayed to your screen

Just for you, to peruse through; 

Point is: anyone can be anyone — anything,

That works either in your favour, or against.


With enough tact, I could recreate myself;

Morphing into a hero of sorts, bridging inconsistencies

To validate beliefs, at my behest,

Bringing about yet another “definitive” doctrine

All to feed nothing but my messiah complex,

Telling people lies, giving hope where I absolutely see none;

You and your enlightened mind may see that scam

From a mile away and think of it as elementary, dear Watson. 

But that matters little when there are still those

Who cling fervently to hope and are easily exploited for it.


– O.D. ©2018


Art by: Kamikaye


The internet. It’s crazy. A lot of good and bad comes from this place.

Try thinking about someone going on the internet for the first time in their life, how will their experience go with the internet’s current state? Just something I was thinking about earlier today.






12 Replies to “Anonymous: Online.”

  1. You are right, anyone can be whoever they want to be on the internet. It’s a massive world out there, one must be careful and make the best out of the chaotic situation. Very informative post O.D 💖

    1. Read about some guy who claimed to have seen God. He also said the devil had been arrested, but that wasn’t the kicker for me. What really surprised me was the fact that he has his own denomination with quite a number of followers who believe everything he is saying. I was speechless.

      1. Maybe he’s been watching too much of The Supernatural movie…people that are lost always like to look for weird people to follow or to form a relationship with until they are called out of it.

      2. What if he believes it with all of his heart? What if its not a matter of creating a false truth but he genuinely believes he saw it happen; no drugs, no nothing?

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