All In The Transition.


“Perhaps I ought to slow down with all this writing”

Is what I said never,

Bored. I could perchance re-adjust my priorities, just for a bit,

Strive to be the best at the articulation of this medium,

Juggling the bounds of literary designs with whoever you think

Is at the very top. Win. And as I hold that gold medal up high

Proceed to tell you what that glittery prize is worth to me;

“Absolutely nothing” — Is exactly what I told her

When she asked me what she could give in return

For all the love she receives; her existence is already a gift,

For those wondering who she is, do not ponder too long,

After all, I write about her with the frequency

Of a baton exchange in a snail relay; 

Why? she is already amazing, and honestly,

Whether I try to say anything,

Chances are it would never be enough.


– O.D. ©2018


Art by: Sylar113


Leave it to me to use a segue as a platform to talk about my girlfriend lol I hope everyone is having a pleasant Wednesday 🙂 . 

“Spread love”

“Fear no one; respect everyone”








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