With Each Line As A Freestyle.


I could probably start this piece by taking you,

Yes, you, dear reader, on a journey,

Twisting and turning; navigating,

Through the spaces of an asteroid belt

But —  no, let us leave that for another day

A day whose arrival is entirely dependent 

On the cards, I am dealt.


How about we visualize an open field

Scented by various flowers from all over the globe

The image of a perfect day, as fresh as a cool breeze,

Conducting and urging me on to seize the moment

But — If we were to do that, it would be cheating,

The prior image serves as a vivid description encapsulating

The backyard of my mind palace; an archived impression,

I unearth on my saddest days;

And I would like to think I am not sad at this moment



Ooh I know – I know, let us talk about

What is going on, right now, in my mind, as I write,

Each line, of this sublime — (but is it really sublime?) —

Piece of poetry, right in front of me;

Like an alcoholic, relapsed, back at the bar again, drowning

Intoxicated from the impromptu strokes — Is the image

That best illustrates, the entirety of an analogy, I would use

In describing my unhidden fixation on creating meaning

Out of nothing — (or something) –;

Anything, to keep this train of thought on rails;

I go deeper into thought, sort of like Alice,

Tumbling down the rabbit hole, except there is no bottom

Actually, a better example of how I’m feeling would be

A comparison with that surreal dream, of falling off a cliff,

And right before you hit the ground;

You don’t wake up.


– O.D. ©2018


Art by: Sylar113


Decided to freestyle with this piece, writing every line as I thought of it. Ended up being a direct representation of how I think of things as I am writing (for those interested). I was re-reading this entire poem after I was done and noticed that it started on a lighter note and slowly became darker. I honestly did not see that transition coming, perhaps there are some thoughts at the back of my mind I have yet to confront (hmm…who knows?)

“Deerstalker anyone?”

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