The Path.


“Musings spread out like the stars you see

Over the dark veil the universe offers

Ever-so nonchalantly

Perhaps the best representation my mind chooses to showcase

The intricacies that make up a fraction of a poet’s mind;

Non-stop cogs that govern the process, greased by the now —

The already happened — The yet to happen.


Personally: Tragedy. Euphoria.

One or the other, it does not matter,

Do not judge me on a deathwish that straddles grey

The fuel I harness from adversity

Never needs to be too much, just enough,

To spark an unseen wildfire; Constantly

Edging me to tow a blurry line

Between dark and light,

A grey area, that offers me more peace;

More peace, compared to what I’m offered

By these apparent extremities. 


Choosing to follow this path

Way outside your ideal does not make me a rebel

It certainly does not make me more special

It simply means after searching for so long

I have found what works best for me;

I would advise you do too.


– O.D. ©2018


Art by: Sylar113


Do you believe in what you believe in because you chose to do so, or because as you grew up it is all you knew you were supposed to believe in?

Do you believe in what you believe in because there is a consensus you use to validate your beliefs; the more people there are, the more plausible it has to be?

Do you believe in what you believe in because it is all about faith, all these other questions do not matter?

Do you believe in what you believe in because it makes you a better person?

Do you believe in what you believe in because if you don’t there would be no meaning to anything?


4 Replies to “The Path.”

  1. I like to believe that I believe in what I believe in because it leaves me room to question what I don’t understand and it also makes me a better human being.

  2. I have to believe what I believe because I can believe it. I can also admit to ignorance and the need to learn more or to alter or change my beliefs . These are difficult questions O.D.

    1. I agree, I can admit to not having answers to all of them. And perhaps thats what makes life amazing yet terrifying; we don’t have the answers to everything. And maybe its not about having the answers but just living our best lives by choice and not because we expect some kind of reward at the end based on our beliefs 🙂

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