Oh how fulfilling it is,

Severing — at unintelligible speeds —

That which takes pleasure in planting weeds

In the place, meant to facilitate,

Room for food, pivotal for the soul.


Before it takes its insatiable toll

From nothing — I materialize a gas mask

For the toxicity, a chaser for the negativity,

An anchor for the stowaways attempting to hitch a ride,

Without your consent, at the expense,

Of your vessel’s individuality.


 Let the soul fall asleep at the wheel

Instead of governing your vessel, but be ready to own it

Reluctantly or ecstatically, choose to

Explore the unknown or blindly follow others.


Open your eyes to what surrounds you

Take an active part in your own existence

Without making excuses for others to take control

All in a bid, to relinquish, responsibility

For the choices, you are yet to make.


– O.D. ©2018


Art by: Sylar113




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