Perceptual Present.


I liken my existence, to the velocity of a raindrop

Small when appraised by the untrained eye

But part of a bigger whole if witnessed in actuality;

Look close enough and you will notice

That on the way down I am entirely reflective

Of everything around me; a mobile, shapeless mirror

That shows you what you choose to see. 


Ever-so-subtly I place my two cents in the space

That manages your perceptual present,

Before I lose your attention I segue and tell you to

Scrutinize the metaphor in the prior verse however you choose;

Meaning and sounds are governed by the relative;

I just hope, that when you read those, and or these lines,

You return now, or in due time, to understand

The entirety of the unseen weight carried by this line;

Yes, let no one say I do not put my all into this

Like a fine wine; each piece ferments itself over time,

All born from the far-flung vineyard that is my mind.


– O.D. ©2018


Art by: Sylar113




















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