(( Sound ))


Life is what I make it.

At times, feeling like an endless litmus test,

The universe intent, on testing my resolve through

Non-consensual circumstances, all surfacing

At the most inconvenient moments.

“The universe can do what it wants”, said Certainty,

When it comes to that,

You will hear no arguments from me.


When I think about it, its probably for the best, after all

I used a mortarboard I earned on the plane that exists before this

To hold my place here, prior to certifying my current existence;

Ahead of my class, yet my Maker thought my potential had yet to reach its peak

Proceeded to grace me with a gift and a curse for words.


I don’t mean to sound ungrateful, I am, however,

Everyone can do many things, but not the same as I do with words

Put the big bad wolf to the side when I speak

All within the same breath,

I send thatch, sticks and bricks to the world’s edge.


After that,  I reset my parameters and think of nothing,

Then think nothing of what you are thinking, about me,

Proceed to write about the entirety of that experience

With a synthesis that makes you conscious

Of the wavelength attuned to the sound of ink.


– O.D. ©2018


Art by: Sylar113


Am I arrogant? Probably.

Do I know where my gifts come from? Certainly.



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