A Method To The Madness.


Writing naturally inclusive of a skill

That subdivides elements that lay foundation

To the bulk of our understanding.


With poetry as a lover, I will narrow knowledge

Until it has a one-dimensional shape for a design

You would have to squint your eyes to bear notice

To how I will place present cognition on stasis.

Leaving it ready and waiting

For that inevitable recurrence, in which,

Like a pastor to the relative doctrine,

I will be drawn to read it again.


And at this moment, poetry and I,

Will not hesitate in publicly displaying our affection

Just for sport, we will flip a pyramid upside-down

All in a bid to give my thoughts a clear-cut avenue

To rain, in the form of sand grains, cascading, getting funnelled down

Till they are compact and unquestionably condensed;

All within the confines of both parts that make up

The ends of your favourite hourglass;

Afterwards, spin it however you like,

It matters not, nothing moves,

When I – at this moment- render time



– O.D. ©2018


So this is the poem I mentioned yesterday, finally here 🙂


Thinking of probably making it into a short series, we’ll see.

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