Rambling #2

By me

*A Method To The Madness*

That’s the title I gave the poem I was supposed to post today, reasons as to why I didn’t end up doing so are outlined in the recording. Also, just a small update.

I used one of my headsets to record the audio and the volume may be a bit low for others; I recommend using earphones 🙂 . Next time I’ll try and use my phone’s mic instead.

4 minutes 

Depending on the mood I might just write something right now.


– O.D. ©2018

2 Replies to “Rambling #2”

  1. Hope you are doing ok too. I don’t think I put as much angst into most of my blog posts as you might. It’s more of an outlet of my emotions for myself than what I think others might read into it? Having a weird morning. 🙃

  2. Lol I tend to get nitpicky when it comes to myself. I guess I got low-key perfectionist undertones from my father haha. I generally write or post for myself, however, I never want to be careless in my expression. I hope you are doing alright today 🙂

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