Let that light shine my way

Prism that I am,

I will reflect, refract; bend light

Allowing it to pass through,

Appearing behind me, bearing pigments

Of a long lost promise, whose transparency I direct

To the entirety of your planet; 

My choice in the delivery of a preface

Naturally indicative of how I pass layered words

To the rest of the world

With nothing but flying colours.


– O.D. ©2018


Art by: Pauline Kam





Oh how fulfilling it is,

Severing — at unintelligible speeds —

That which takes pleasure in planting weeds

In the place, meant to facilitate,

Room for food, pivotal for the soul.


Before it takes its insatiable toll

From nothing — I materialize a gas mask

For the toxicity, a chaser for the negativity,

An anchor for the stowaways attempting to hitch a ride,

Without your consent, at the expense,

Of your vessel’s individuality.


 Let the soul fall asleep at the wheel

Instead of governing your vessel, but be ready to own it

Reluctantly or ecstatically, choose to

Explore the unknown or blindly follow others.


Open your eyes to what surrounds you

Take an active part in your own existence

Without making excuses for others to take control

All in a bid, to relinquish, responsibility

For the choices, you are yet to make.


– O.D. ©2018


Art by: Sylar113






When I blossom, basking in the light

We have all been so gracefully provided

Should I, perchance, stop where you stopped

In the interest of keeping you motivated?

If only, because people like me, being anything

Beyond your reach, is unfamiliar, to you

And everyone around you?


I ask, not to seek permission

But to help you understand

How ridiculous this all is; seeking refuge

In the comfort of your ignorance

Is not something I would advise you

To take much pride in.


Daily, I meditate in a place of my making

I spread my arms at the periphery of the worlds’ end

Where the smallest breeze could push me;

Taking the time to inhale the freshest breath

At the very edge of life and death.


Afterwards, I return

With a newfound perspective on reality,

Giving my talent unseen complexities

That can be likened to the most elaborate embroidery.

All that, for poetry? Yes, and at times, a single line,

Sometimes, it is never entirely enough

Excessive? Maybe, so believe me when I say

Feeling intimidated by my prowess

Is entirely your choice to make.


I mean this in the nicest way:

If I am not for you, “That is alright”

If you hate me, I should probably care, but I don’t”

The only service I feel I owe the world

Is being true to myself, not spreading hate;

In this life we live, If you were to ask me

What I find most beautiful, I would tell you that

“No matter how old, or wise we get,

We will never stop learning”


– O.D. ©2018


Art by: Sylar113










Is it okay to test people?


I wanted to hear other peoples’ thoughts on this (Trying to stay impartial).

What do you think about people who test others to figure where they stand?


Have you tested others? Why?


Have you been tested before? how did it make you feel?


Do you think its good or bad?


Here are some of the answers I found online on various sites:

I test… people don’t like it, but I see why I do it, if they can’t and decide that it’s because I want to be malicious then they are not seeing what I am seeing and therefore I don’t care if they walk away and yell at me to stop doing it.

— Flufiang


Sometimes I test. Usually, I just try to find out as much about them as possible. Ask them “appropriate” questions then steer the conversation to something more personal.

— Stavrogin


When I was in my 20’s and 30’s I subconsciously tested people by saying something shocking or outrageous to see how they reacted. If they were weirded out by my statements I’d know they were not my type (for friendship or relationship).

Since I had an active inner world, when I chose to reveal it I was testing the water. Sadly, very few like minded people I found.

Now I don’t test, I listen and watch. Somehow some people take it as being judged, as if I was waiting for faux pas or something. Untrue. I do so to evaluate situation, to see if I should invest time in this person or not. I’ve long passed trying to build a bridge that would never have a chance to connect the two shores.

— Chanteuse


I don’t really test the people I’m with. I have high expectations for them, but I don’t invent situations specifically to test people. Just wouldn’t feel comfortable with that. Feels manipulative, like I’m trying to make someone mess up.



Not in relationships based on trust. Testing is bad for the stability of any relationship. For example if a husband is constantly testing his wife for her love for him, the relationship is doomed.

Maybe a Manager testing his employees is ok but in the long run, trust is the way to go!

— Anju Chandna


No. I do understand where this is coming from. You want to know how you are going to be received before you put yourself out there. Which means you are not willing to take a risk. Good luck with that. Risk is all around us, all the time. Being alive is a risk.

And who are you that someone else should have to prove himself to you? You’re putting yourself in the position of judge and jury. You don’t have that right. None of us does. If you believe in God, that’s his job.

The degree to which you can trust others is the degree to which you can trust yourself to recover from any disappointment. So, it’s easy to ask if you can borrow that book when the person is through with it because it’s no big deal if they say no, or say yes and then don’t, because you can get the book somewhere else. But if they promise to can complete their part of the project by this or that deadline and they don’t, it’s harder for you to fix that, so it’s harder for you to trust the person to do it.

So, if you feel you have to test someone – and I’m not talking about having the person prove themselves before getting a promotion, say – then it is yourself you lack faith in. That is not the other person’s responsibility, it is yours.

So, no, it is not okay to test people.

— Susan Scher



I have my own position but I am more interested in hearing your thoughts 🙂 Let us discuss.


Perceptual Present.


I liken my existence, to the velocity of a raindrop

Small when appraised by the untrained eye

But part of a bigger whole if witnessed in actuality;

Look close enough and you will notice

That on the way down I am entirely reflective

Of everything around me; a mobile, shapeless mirror

That shows you what you choose to see. 


Ever-so-subtly I place my two cents in the space

That manages your perceptual present,

Before I lose your attention I segue and tell you to

Scrutinize the metaphor in the prior verse however you choose;

Meaning and sounds are governed by the relative;

I just hope, that when you read those, and or these lines,

You return now, or in due time, to understand

The entirety of the unseen weight carried by this line;

Yes, let no one say I do not put my all into this

Like a fine wine; each piece ferments itself over time,

All born from the far-flung vineyard that is my mind.


– O.D. ©2018


Art by: Sylar113




















(( Sound ))


Life is what I make it.

At times, feeling like an endless litmus test,

The universe intent, on testing my resolve through

Non-consensual circumstances, all surfacing

At the most inconvenient moments.

“The universe can do what it wants”, said Certainty,

When it comes to that,

You will hear no arguments from me.


When I think about it, its probably for the best, after all

I used a mortarboard I earned on the plane that exists before this

To hold my place here, prior to certifying my current existence;

Ahead of my class, yet my Maker thought my potential had yet to reach its peak

Proceeded to grace me with a gift and a curse for words.


I don’t mean to sound ungrateful, I am, however,

Everyone can do many things, but not the same as I do with words

Put the big bad wolf to the side when I speak

All within the same breath,

I send thatch, sticks and bricks to the world’s edge.


After that,  I reset my parameters and think of nothing,

Then think nothing of what you are thinking, about me,

Proceed to write about the entirety of that experience

With a synthesis that makes you conscious

Of the wavelength attuned to the sound of ink.


– O.D. ©2018


Art by: Sylar113


Am I arrogant? Probably.

Do I know where my gifts come from? Certainly.



A Method To The Madness.


Writing naturally inclusive of a skill

That subdivides elements that lay foundation

To the bulk of our understanding.


With poetry as a lover, I will narrow knowledge

Until it has a one-dimensional shape for a design

You would have to squint your eyes to bear notice

To how I will place present cognition on stasis.

Leaving it ready and waiting

For that inevitable recurrence, in which,

Like a pastor to the relative doctrine,

I will be drawn to read it again.


And at this moment, poetry and I,

Will not hesitate in publicly displaying our affection

Just for sport, we will flip a pyramid upside-down

All in a bid to give my thoughts a clear-cut avenue

To rain, in the form of sand grains, cascading, getting funnelled down

Till they are compact and unquestionably condensed;

All within the confines of both parts that make up

The ends of your favourite hourglass;

Afterwards, spin it however you like,

It matters not, nothing moves,

When I – at this moment- render time



– O.D. ©2018


So this is the poem I mentioned yesterday, finally here 🙂


Thinking of probably making it into a short series, we’ll see.

Rambling #2

By me

*A Method To The Madness*

That’s the title I gave the poem I was supposed to post today, reasons as to why I didn’t end up doing so are outlined in the recording. Also, just a small update.

I used one of my headsets to record the audio and the volume may be a bit low for others; I recommend using earphones 🙂 . Next time I’ll try and use my phone’s mic instead.

4 minutes 

Depending on the mood I might just write something right now.


– O.D. ©2018



Perhaps when you choose to copy and paste,

Intent, on overwriting your identity by stealing my own,

You assume, the one you choose, is the only one there is;

All of a sudden taken by surprise when I step into high gear

Leaving you with the remnants of a personality whose use

Became obsolete beyond the relative circumstance.


Don’t you worry, there’s a reason they call me a philanthropist

Feed your endless thirst to be something you are not

I will hand you a catalogue that showcases my many sides

Take your time selecting what you believe to be the best parts of me;

Once you are satisfied with your choice,

I will unveil yet another brochure.


Plenty of pre-orders outlining a rough estimate of my future choices

Enough to sate your fiendish appetite

Please, do not feel overwhelmed, this is just the start

I believe if you do something, you put your all into it,

And if all you do is copy me, among others,

I would rather you be the best at it.


– O.D. ©2018


Art by: RedBubble


Nothing gets to me more than feeling like my individuality is at risk. I am not of the notion that “imitation is the best form of flattery”. Personally, I find it really annoying. Please let me know your thoughts on the matter. Am I the only one who feels this way?



(Voice note included at the end)


Please, speak your piece

Vent your frustrations with the world

From now, till the end of time.


Lie, exaggerate, anything

To present yourself in the most graceful light

Blame the world for your choices 

Deny responsibility; one, if not all,

Just do yourself a favour

And leave me out of any attempts

To feed your self-serving mentality.


– O.D. ©2018


Art by: Erisiar



I am going through so many changes in my life, I feel like I have stopped talking to a large fraction of people I used to on a daily. When I was younger, my aunt told me not to be surprised when I suddenly drift apart with friends or even family members as I grow; I thought that would never happen to me. However, looking at where I stand now, I am inclined to agree with her. Note that this has nothing to do with friends or family pushing my buttons (not entirely anyway) but conflicting values.

Perhaps when I was young and unemployed with little to no responsibility I could bear the brunt of one of my friends being unnecessarily competitive. I could stomach a family member trying to tell me the best path to life because I was too afraid to take the reins and fail. I could spend an entire afternoon in an inconsequential debate guided by the need to win rather than actually being progressive, but everything has changed now. I do not have the time to be that carefree with my approach to life anymore. It was a choice to let go of those values that (personally) gave me nothing and instead focus on values that bring the best out of me.

Not everyone welcomes change when it occurs, or when you are trying to work on yourself to become better. Because at times that means you are willing to forego activities and personality traits that may have made you close to certain people to begin with. But when all is said and done, self-betterment is not about making sure everyone else is okay with it (goes without saying that any form of self-betterment should not come at the risk of putting other peoples lives in danger).

I just find it a little odd that at this stage in my life I still have to contend with a family/friend telling me they have a grand revenge strategy in mind to get back at someone who hurt them. And as soon as they hurt whoever it is, they go ahead and say that its the persons’ fault for starting it. And yes, it may be their fault, but is perpetuating the situation truly the solution? It’s these conflicting values that push me away. I don’t mean to sound elitist but if these values work for you that’s great, but for me, no.

Instead of hurting peoples’ feelings and calling them out, I distance myself. Having gone through similar situations in the past I know how hostile some people can become when you tell them that they are lying or being hypocritical e.t.c. Yes, I know no-one is perfect, but that does not mean I have to put up with toxicity or leeching because you are a long time friend or even family.


3 minutes 60 seconds (adjust your volume before listening, just in case 🙂 )




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