I struck fear in their hearts

My skin might as well have been

The reflection of the colour you see

When looking down the barrel of a gun.


And perhaps it is …

Chuckling, I soaked it all in

A pleasant change of pace to be honest;

Simply having people afraid

And not believing you to be less than human.


Twisted yet gratifying perceptions of my mind aside,

Choose to keep or relieve yourself

Of the fear you have of me,

And let me show you the many talents

That hide within my form.


The darkness of my vessel is entirely reflective

Of the endless depth encapsulated by the vastness

Of the extra-terrestrial landscape;

Overwhelming yet enticing,

My skin is an Elseworld temptation

Which I urge you to touch at your own risk,

For it might just suck you in.


Full disclaimer:

After that happens

It will not be my responsibility

To bring you back to “reality”.


– O.D. ©2018


Art by: RonAckins


















In a field of thoughts

Planted during the time lapse

I use a sickle to pile the yield.


Patience from my most avid readers

I appreciate,

For they know, 

The time It takes to nurture

My most vivid dream sequences.


A tree with the strongest roots,

I never forget where I came from

Positive phototropism, reaching for the stars

Yet I remain grounded, too much ego

Leaves one unaware of the changing seasons.


Moving on parallel lanes

Appreciative of the rare instances

In which we align

For it is in those moments

We draw closer and understand each other

That much better.


– O.D. ©2018


Art by: ryky




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