Ironic, Is it not?

How through centering our thoughts

To only believe in the idea of being unstoppable

We subtly enable a foundation

That — in eventuality — can be blown, to smithereens

With as little as a muffled sneeze?


– O.D. ©2018


Art by: yuumei

3 Replies to “Centered.”

  1. smithereens of the false illusion we are unstoppable. But, that blowing up into smithereens of the false illusion. Actually, begins the awaking of the balance and the centering of our thoughts, that makes us grounded ?!

    1. Truly depends on how fragile the persons ego is; I’ve seen grown men and women become ridiculously narcissistic as if to over compensate for the “loss” or the “smithereening” for lack of a better word 😅

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