Transparency (Part 3)


Transparency (Part 1)

Transparency (Part 2)




How people feel when they see you, is not your fault,

You have no control over the machinations

That condition their minds to believe

That ridicule and gossip, in their own dialect, is the solution; 

The persistent bias that presides over their hearts 

Is not your fault, and perhaps it is not theirs;

But it is entirely their responsibility.


Anger, sadness, futility;

All emotional stances they may possibly inflict,

As they continue to suffocate you; all emotions, whose origins,

Are not of your making, but theirs; Choosing to feel either-or

As a result of their chokehold, is not your fault;

But it is your responsibility. 


– O.D. ©2018


Art by: yuumei

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