Transparency (Part 1)


Transparency (Part 2)

Transparency (Part 3)




As each day ends

I wipe the slate clean,

For what I think I am today, could, in essence,

Not be who I am tomorrow

Present consciousness lost to death’s cousin

Waking up, I rise anew

Refusing to cling to perception, or rather,

The malleable form that encompasses the words 

I am often handed 

I take comfort in knowing, that I know nothing 

That I do not have the answers to everything

Each day I live and I learn, meditating on my experiences

Coming out on the other end

A little less wrong about life than before.


– O.D. ©2018


Art by: yuumei


I hope everyone is having a lovely Tuesday. Wednesday incoming, let’s kick this week into high gear!

Also, this will be a three-part series, for those interested in knowing 🙂


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