The world happens to be

As dark or as colourful

As I choose to see it

A vast array of choice in pigments 

Scattered on the terrestrial palette.


My mother always told me to

“Love in place of anger”

An emotional overlay channelled from within

Words that echo when I think of giving in;

I stick to the established code,

For she saw in me what no one else ever did 

Until they eventually did; talent, that makes itself aware

At the centre of my journal — is where I keep my heart;

Where I keep my identity;

If I ever feel like I have failed.


– O.D. ©2018


That’s a picture of me and my mother in 1992, Alabama. A real trooper she is, always supportive and perhaps the only person on this earth I would go out of my way to make happy with no consideration for my well-being.






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