Expectations of me, I sweep to the side

I have my dreams, vision; how I choose to live

Giving a damn about anything and everything

That passes my peripheral vision will

Inevitably spread me too thin.


Very selective about what needs my attention

Entertaining influence from the ignorant

Feeds nothing but my ignorance,

So what do I do, except sieve what I deem inappropriate;

Calm, as I take my time; settling in the design

Of my Maker’s embroidery.


– O.D. ©2018


Art by: ryky


Give a damn about everything and you will always feel like you’re fighting a losing battle; highly prone to fatigue. 

Whenever I feel like I am under pressure I ask myself if whatever is worrying me is going to kill me. If it’s not, I stop worrying. It may be a little tricky to switch perception like a switch, definitely takes practice. The work I do requires a certain level of emotional intelligence, and I would like to believe it has helped me improve in that department.

Its Wednesday, enjoy your Thursday. It’s almost Friday.


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