Reason(s) 6


Reason(s) 1-5




Idle in our unearthing of the devilish

Adamant in our attempts to roleplay a seamster,

Or seamstress, of grudges; sewing together life patterns

That coincide with our less than stellar moments

All to justify the evil we are yet to unveil.


– O.D. ©2018


Art by:  GUWEIZ


Sometimes there are no patterns. Sometimes we are looking for excuses to stay bitter/angry. It sure helps when you want to sate your conscience.



In the last Reason(s) post I asked my readers what their reasons were for being happy; here are the responses:


Megha’s World 

 “A smile on my loved ones”





 “Knowing that I’m surrounded by people that actually care 😊😊”





“My sons 51st birthday today❤”





“getting emails from friends after a long week of work and exercise ❤ and losing almost 7 lbs ❤”




Seeing those responses was certainly heartwarming and I hope we get to hear more.

During the weekend I helped one of the kids in my neighbourhood walk past a vicious dog. It’s not like I saved the world or anything but seeing how happy she was certainly made me smile.

What are your reasons to smile today? Please share in the comment section 🙂Many others including myself would love to know.


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