This piece serves as the best representation,

The best manifestation, of what exists between

The spaces that divide my thoughts.


Spaces that materialize

When I think of nothing, oddly enough;

These spaces are what give me peace and comfort

From my fluctuating thought process.


I take what little rest I can before

I enter the realm of yet another thought…

A thought that could either lead me to bliss

Or yet another day

Of driving my vessel through the mist.


– O.D. ©2018


Art by:  yuumei


I feel like my generation is entrenched in a culture of entitlement. Everyone feels like they have the right to something; whether it’s being happy, being loved or money. To some extent, I believe I have been guilty of this at some point in time.

However, the entitlement has made us somewhat blind to everything around us. We deserve to be happy — so anyone who brings a perspective that puts us on edge is unnecessarily being negative. Feelings have become binary, either you are feeling good, or you are feeling bad, and all we want to feel is good, no matter the cost.

When I started this blog my intent was to write about positive thoughts only, good vibes all around. In truth, there is really nothing wrong with that; but personally, it put me in a corner. There were days I would be in a bad place and I still had to keep up appearances because that was my niche. I avoided writing about the pain I may have been facing, afraid of being perceived as negative; but I eventually changed it. Never have I felt so free, everything I started writing felt more real.

What I write, though not always positive, is real. There is nothing superficial in my writing, and when I finish writing something I am more at peace knowing my readers are getting to see who I am. We all have good days, we also have bad days, but I think its best to address what may be bothering us head on instead of avoiding it entirely; just because we want to be happy. At the end of the day, those who enjoy my writing are getting to see me for who I really am instead of something I am not.


9 Replies to “Transition.”

  1. I agree. In fact, it is healthy and normal to feel bad sometimes and this does not need to be medicated away. Why should we not grieve over the death of a loved one or the loss of a job or a divorce? I find it weird that we’re supposed to pretend to shrug everything off after a set amount of time. I wonder about those who don’t seem to feel painful stuff and are always smiling and sarcastic.

    1. I feel like sarcasm is one of the most prevalent defense mechanisms in people today. I would know lo cause I use it most of the time. Truth is when it comes to addressing our issues, most of us have a lot of work to do. Thanks, Paula.

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