World Of Illusion.


A person who thinks all the time

Leaving no room for the present

Has nothing to think about except

The rationale and validity of their thoughts.


In essence, they create a world out of touch

With the persistent reality;

A world, that bears no involvement

Of the people around them.


– O.D. ©2018


Art by:  yuumei


Introspection is necessary, so is thinking. However, everything is useful in moderation; too much of anything is not always a good idea.

When I say these things, I speak for myself. Never would I dream of telling others how to live, I just say what I feel and hope those who resonate with it get something of value.


The Good

When I think, I find myself in a space that only has room for me, and often this is beneficial for perspective. Noone influences my thinking when in my quiet space, and I prefer it that way.

The Bad

The only time it becomes a problem is when I stay there for so long everything else starts to feel irrelevant. I could imagine an entire conversation with someone I have yet to meet, and when I do see them, I’m already exhausted. It’s worse when I pick up patterns in others and they keep showing themselves repeatedly. It’s all I become conscious of.


Noone is perfect, I can agree. The metric set by my thoughts is difficult to reach, however, I feel like lowering the benchmark devalues what I seek. If I don’t, I feel like there may be no one who reaches the standard I have set for myself (Quite the conundrum). 

Many people I talk to get annoyed or offended when I say this, but its the truth. 

I have my fair share of issues though, for example, I can’t bare assumptions; especially assumptions about why I do what I do. If you are ever to assume anything about me you’d better make damn certain you are correct, otherwise I subconsciously/consciously shut you out. Rather arrogant to assume you know others to a science when you have not yet identified who you truly are. I believe in asking when you want to know something, why? because whenever I wish to know something about anyone, I ask.

Second, I find it hard to connect with anyone who imitates me. My sister once told me I have an infectious personality, and honestly, she was right. I have plenty of mannerisms, and a way of speaking I have not yet seen in others. I believe in balance, I choose not to devote all of my energy to those who think entirely like me. Yes, at times having a like mind is refreshing; but not all of the time. In my case, it would be the same as getting stuck in a bigger “World of illusion” (Segue!), no one to challenge my established perspective on the world and whats in it. Same reason I do not believe in cliques, to me it feels like a hive mind and nothing deters me more than unbridled conformity.

3 Replies to “World Of Illusion.”

  1. this piece struck a chord with me today, seem to be in that limbo land of not feeling grounded/tethered and have been increasingly turning inward…peace and love and I will get to our piece, just want it to be good and with my frame of mind lately, not connecting with much these days. But I will, I promise ❤

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