I mean, I get it

I do not like it, but I get it

Shooting eagles is a pastime you adorn

To help you close the gap between you

And bearers of the sky.

Side note: no-one helps devalue you

More than you do.


The spirit I possess, if left to be defined by others

Borders on self-aggrandizing,

Honestly, I find it hard to care

How many people would you say I need to appease

Before I become me?

None. That is the answer.


I am a shepherd that has learnt to herd his own

Thoughts and emotions, and to me

That is all I need to brandish as a brass ring.

I leave people to their chosen beliefs

Not condemning them if they are indeed different.


Every day for me is a fight you will never get to know

And probing me to tell you all about it is far from the solution

Accept what I let you know about myself

It may be a surprise, but it is far much more

Than I let anyone else know.


– O.D. ©2018


Art by: Joshua Mays












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