Isolation allows me

To place myself at the highest peak,

Cleansing my thought palate

With the most calming wind.


Isolation allows me

To look at life and find new meaning

Garnering appreciation for that which

I already have – not yet lost,

Finding peace, stemmed from the cradle

Of my rich imagination.


– O.D. ©2018


Art by: chateaugrief


I often Isolate myself to regain focus(especially after a rough encounter). People usually question me on why I do this instead of relying or asking for their help. I don’t know why, but it’s saying things like that which deters me even more; perhaps I don’t react well when the help I’m being offered is teetering on force-feeding. I’m man enough to admit I need help when I do indeed need it; however, I never accept that as my only option when a new ordeal comes my way.

Is it selfish of me?


12 Replies to “Stem.”

  1. Nothing selfish about it at all. We all react differently to certain situations. Do what’s best for you and don’t worry too much about ones who don’t understand.

    1. I agree DD, so much of our energy is used attempting to describe the way we function to people. It’s a shame people lean on the idea of understanding our character before learning to live with it.

  2. Beautiful. I think we have to step away to find clarity in life. It is a necessity and most definately not selfish. It is a life giver. Because if we never step away the chances are we will run on empty.

  3. Also everyone asks for help when it is needed. But, think that sometimes we need to figure it out a bit by ourself, then we can digest the helo given. But sometimes we are wiser than the one we are asking help from. I personally need to try and figure it out myself and then when i get stuck i reach too books and journaling and then i ask for help. I find this process makes me stonger, experienced and wiser. Cause sometimes there is no one to ask for help.

    1. I resonate with everything you said, that’s exactly my point. It’s a little selfish how people want you to ‘need’ them, I find it a little irksome. In essence, it feels to me like standing on my own two feet makes them feel irrelevant, but that shouldn’t be my concern lol people should value themselves without seeking approval from others in whichever way.

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