It took the intersection of my

Dispersed thought clouds, to combine vapoured yet

Paralleled lanes of understanding,

Into a richer, heavier, condensed form of thought.


It took, experiencing life through different lenses

For me to have a clearer picture of my intended purpose.

I bear stripes they try so hard to look past

Even as I tango at the center 

Of their one dimensional point of focus.


God gifted stripes in whichever shade you choose

Black or white, my enigmatic nature is of your making

Takes a closer look to understand parts of me

I would never dream of spoon feeding to you;

But that would be too much for you wouldn’t it?

Actually working for something, and thus, to you

I bid, Adieu.


Attempts at bridging positive thoughts to those 

That need them, with Reason(s) I can only hope

To remember when my days get darker;

Sad really, how you work so hard to gain my approval 

Even if it means you take the role of being the sole 

Source of toxicity in my social circle.


Uncustomary for a Champion to not take the time

To write for his people, my melanin brothers and sisters

“You are beautiful, let no one tell you otherwise”

And yet, within our ranks lie the uninformed,

Who sell our culture for cheap in a bid to garner cheap pops

To think slavery was a choice is a reality only you

Would bring from the plantation that binds you

In your mind.


A sell out like you could not begin to understand

That which we go through… …but let me stop

And take deep breaths, before I yield

To your wish

Of making this all about you.


– O.D. ©2018


Picture by: NicolasEvariste


Spoke to my father the other day, we were talking about my family totem which my grandparents (on every occasion) never hesitate making mention of. The Zebra.

My father said it was done long ago as a way of signifying clans or tribes (emblems of sorts) to help know who was in our bloodline. Furthermore, most of these totems were associated with character traits. An example he gave me was of those from the Buffalo tribe; how they’re considered to be short-tempered, I found it quite fascinating. 

I absolutely love Zebras (bias from it being my totem maybe) but it goes beyond that, the stripes resonate with me. Not to mention the all-powerful hind kick capable of shattering a crocodile’s jaw (Incredible!)

But I’m gonna stop now before this becomes a Nat Geo special.


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12 Replies to “Totem.”

  1. I saw a lot of zebras in Kenya. It has always interested me that they have never been successfully domesticated and made to work as donkeys and horses have. This is an most interesting totem for your family.

    1. Hmmm maybe its a testament to our nature if the totems are indeed a representation of character. I truly detest manipulation and control haha.

      How was Kenya? I haven’t been there 🙂

      1. It was wonderful! We went 20 years ago when our kids were 10 and 12 on a safari tour for two weeks. They loved it and it was fantastic to go on the morning game drives and see all the animals frisking about in the cooler morning air just happy to be alive. Also I used to look down the long wide valleys and think that it is easy to see the country as the cradle of civilization. I can;t really explain that it is just how I felt. In the towns there were signs about the Ukimwi (aids) and that was a big problem there then. We were lucky to go then because since then the country has been filled with unrest and I doubt we would have gone with kids if that existed then. My son spent two months in Ghana later when he was in university doing research for his dissertation and people would ask him if he had been to Africa before and when he said he had been to a safari in Kenya they would just say ” Ah…the tourists Africa.” Still it was a great experience.

      2. Hmmm…the closest I’ve ever been to Kenya is the airport. I’m not entirely sure what its like right now but I guess i’ll have to find out when I get the chance. Would you ever consider going to any other part of Africa in the future?

      3. Yes. We had booked a trip to South Africa and zimbabwe but then my daughter was ill so we did not go and we have never got round to looking for another trip. An aside: when we arrived in Nairobi our guide asked our son if he had been to Africa before and he said “No” . To which the guide replied” Well the first thing you will notice is everyone here is black”. My son looked at him and said” Yes and that is what I expected.”. It was an odd little exchange but well meant on both sides.

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