Bare feet touch the prickly grass around me,

“Appreciated, Mother Earth,

Your attempts to tickle me, are not in vain.

Lord knows I could use a laugh or two

Right about now”


– O.D. ©2018


Art by: HazPainting




The lines I design

Lasso social barriers smothering the world,

Flinging them, from here, 

To that pocket dimension

You never knew existed;

Till now.


– O.D. ©2018


Photograph by: Aquilapse




Simply addicted,

To the process of experiencing life

Outside the choices and influence

Of others.


– O.D. ©2018


Art by: CaringWong



I mean, I get it

I do not like it, but I get it

Shooting eagles is a pastime you adorn

To help you close the gap between you

And bearers of the sky.

Side note: no-one helps devalue you

More than you do.


The spirit I possess, if left to be defined by others

Borders on self-aggrandizing,

Honestly, I find it hard to care

How many people would you say I need to appease

Before I become me?

None. That is the answer.


I am a shepherd that has learnt to herd his own

Thoughts and emotions, and to me

That is all I need to brandish as a brass ring.

I leave people to their chosen beliefs

Not condemning them if they are indeed different.


Every day for me is a fight you will never get to know

And probing me to tell you all about it is far from the solution

Accept what I let you know about myself

It may be a surprise, but it is far much more

Than I let anyone else know.


– O.D. ©2018


Art by: Joshua Mays












Spirit and Soul.


I savour every frame

Of those picture perfect moments

Captured by my all-seeing eyes;

Unbeknownst to nay-sayers

I am not plugged in to the consensus

Instead, my spirit and soul

Find fulfilment at the prospect of my seclusion.


– O.D. ©2018


Photograph by: unknown




Isolation allows me

To place myself at the highest peak,

Cleansing my thought palate

With the most calming wind.


Isolation allows me

To look at life and find new meaning

Garnering appreciation for that which

I already have – not yet lost,

Finding peace, stemmed from the cradle

Of my rich imagination.


– O.D. ©2018


Art by: chateaugrief


I often Isolate myself to regain focus(especially after a rough encounter). People usually question me on why I do this instead of relying or asking for their help. I don’t know why, but it’s saying things like that which deters me even more; perhaps I don’t react well when the help I’m being offered is teetering on force-feeding. I’m man enough to admit I need help when I do indeed need it; however, I never accept that as my only option when a new ordeal comes my way.

Is it selfish of me?




Versatile and formless

I ebb and flow on that which acts as

The solid foundation of balance 

For the majority’s sense of existence.


I mirror the likeness of the landscape,

Sun, moon and stars,

Taking them with me wherever I go

Recreating their likeness in my own

Still life, albeit wavy design.


I am an artist,

Resist the temptation to hold

Or pocket my work, for it is only as good

As its proximity to me

Simply put;

It is mine to keep.


– O.D. ©2018


Photograph by: Lumarieus21


I have a few things in common with water, minus the whole evaporation and raining thing; I leave that to the actual pro.



It’s a long fall,

So with the little words

I can use as comfort

I give you something

You can hang onto.


– O.D. ©2018


Art by: ryky

Free Fall #Revisited


Never mind the descent,

What looks like falling to you

May look like flying to others.


– O.D. ©2018


Art by: ryky



It took the intersection of my

Dispersed thought clouds, to combine vapoured yet

Paralleled lanes of understanding,

Into a richer, heavier, condensed form of thought.


It took, experiencing life through different lenses

For me to have a clearer picture of my intended purpose.

I bear stripes they try so hard to look past

Even as I tango at the center 

Of their one dimensional point of focus.


God gifted stripes in whichever shade you choose

Black or white, my enigmatic nature is of your making

Takes a closer look to understand parts of me

I would never dream of spoon feeding to you;

But that would be too much for you wouldn’t it?

Actually working for something, and thus, to you

I bid, Adieu.


Attempts at bridging positive thoughts to those 

That need them, with Reason(s) I can only hope

To remember when my days get darker;

Sad really, how you work so hard to gain my approval 

Even if it means you take the role of being the sole 

Source of toxicity in my social circle.


Uncustomary for a Champion to not take the time

To write for his people, my melanin brothers and sisters

“You are beautiful, let no one tell you otherwise”

And yet, within our ranks lie the uninformed,

Who sell our culture for cheap in a bid to garner cheap pops

To think slavery was a choice is a reality only you

Would bring from the plantation that binds you

In your mind.


A sell out like you could not begin to understand

That which we go through… …but let me stop

And take deep breaths, before I yield

To your wish

Of making this all about you.


– O.D. ©2018


Picture by: NicolasEvariste


Spoke to my father the other day, we were talking about my family totem which my grandparents (on every occasion) never hesitate making mention of. The Zebra.

My father said it was done long ago as a way of signifying clans or tribes (emblems of sorts) to help know who was in our bloodline. Furthermore, most of these totems were associated with character traits. An example he gave me was of those from the Buffalo tribe; how they’re considered to be short-tempered, I found it quite fascinating. 

I absolutely love Zebras (bias from it being my totem maybe) but it goes beyond that, the stripes resonate with me. Not to mention the all-powerful hind kick capable of shattering a crocodile’s jaw (Incredible!)

But I’m gonna stop now before this becomes a Nat Geo special.


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