A Medley Of Thoughts #Revisited


Been a mile since I have written one of these

Pieces with ink that bears no chaser

Upfront, no filter curbing my cursed cursive lines

In a bid to bring out my best self;

Hard to tow a line that borders between

Writing for myself or the betterment of others.


I could claim to be many things that are not me

Lie and twist your mind till I imprint that reality

Making it true, but in truth, it bears no value

When all it entails is me lying to myself.


I would be unaware of my own choices

Of the same person only in a different vessel

Expecting a different result,

Hoping to reel in an excuse

To stay bitter, validating my insecurities

And blind reasoning.


The day I realized I had changed

Was when she broke my heart

And instead of crying or feeling hurt …

I laughed …



– O.D. ©2018


Art by: schastlivaya-ch






Reason(s) 5


Reason(s) 1

Reason(s) 2

Reason(s) 3

Reason(s) 4

(One of my) My (many) reason(s): Surrounding myself with positive people.

What are your reasons to smile? Please share in the comment section 🙂 Many others including myself would love to know.

Art by: GUWEIZ

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