Reason(s) 2

wheat_by_guweiz-d9n2m8a (2).jpg

Reason(s) 1


Fear not, dear friend

For you, to be, in the here and now

Aware of your existence and mine

Cherishing every breath

Skimming through every line

Brandishing a vessel that houses

Your soul, and none other

Simply means

You already won.


– O.D. ©2018


Art by: GUWEIZ


Daily Post: Disrupt


No matter what you may face, no matter what material possessions people may take from you. Always remember that no matter how much anyone may try, there is one thing they can’t take from you unless you allow it; your soul. And honestly, that far outweighs anything else money can buy. For there will always be one you.

Noone can take that.

Thus, smile, you need no validation, you are you.

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