Be your own witness

Search within,

Reasons abound and beyond

– To smile,

You do not need

The world’s permission.


– O.D. ©2018


Art by: GUWEIZ


I might just make this into a series of poems titled “Reason(s)”. Sometimes I (and perhaps many others) need a reminder of why life is amazing and worth living on a positive note.

25 Replies to “Reason(s)”

      1. Sure. I just spoke to my grandaughter that turns 20 today! And I get to attend her 18 yr old brother’s soccer game tonight. And another, ready?? It’s sunny and warm here today! : ))

      1. Lol just switching up my vibe, I want to catch up on your blog. Life is full of many “Interesting” twists; if you know what I mean haha

      2. Well, I exactly know what you mean. Sometimes interesting twists are not that interesting.

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