At ease soldier; unwind,

I am not your enemy

It is not your job, 

Nor is it your prerogative

To have answers

To every thing.


– O.D. ©2018


Art by: chateaugrief


Daily Post: Ineffecient


Just another one of those situations where you leave people so intimidated they feel the need to showcase their intelligence (Necessary? I don’t think so). If my way of speech leaves people triggered to the point where they feel they need to prove something to me, I don’t know how to stop that. All I know is I won’t take the scenic route to being myself, just to make others feel comfortable about themselves. 



Knowing how much a victory over me

Would mean the world to you;

I relax, lay back and let you have it…

Now, don’t ever let me hear you say

I’m not a philanthropist.


– O.D. ©2018


Art by:  chateaugrief


Daily Post: Swallow


Have you ever had a question for me but was hesitant or afraid to ask? Well, you can always get do that by using Curious Cat; and the best part is you can ask anonymously. So if you’re afraid of heat, you won’t get any; not that there’s any heat 🙂

The link to my Curious Cat page is here





How you took the time

To resurface; attempting to rekindle

The cinder that fuelled

Our ashen passion.


But, would you kindly return

To the place, I had adequately designed

For you, to reside?

My memories.


– O.D. ©2018


Art by: ryky









You are, who you are

The world does not need

To understand your beauty

For it to make sense.


– O.D. ©2018


Art by: AlexanderIsPortraits





I gave myself over to the sound 

Of my own heartbeat; 

And the natural state

Of my own base impulses.


For a moment, I put all the shields down

Surfed on the waves of a world

In which, at any given time

Anything can change.


I lay still, conscious of nothing

Not even myself,

Taking it all in,

And I have to say,

That in that moment,

It was, without a doubt,

The best feeling in the world.


– O.D. ©2018


Art by:  Alena-48

The Light To Your Darkness.


Indecisiveness leaves little to nothing

In the way of progress,

Resist the deceitful comfort of stagnancy;

Blaming the world is, and always

Will be the easiest.

But it owes us nothing, Instead

Cherish those you love

Live life as best you can;

Put your heart in the right place

And be the light to people’s darkness.


– O.D. ©2018


Art by: Unknown


Results came in for the blog awards, a week back if I’m not mistaken. I never really got to share the news because I was way too busy — also I didn’t win anything 😀 haha. Going into the blog awards I wasn’t necessarily expecting to win, but I wanted to get out of my comfort zone. So, thanks again to everyone who voted for me and congratulations to those who won 🙂 

Have you ever had a question for me but was hesitant or afraid to ask? Well, you can always get do that by using Curious Cat; and the best part is you can ask anonymously. So if you’re afraid of heat, you won’t get any; not that there’s any heat 🙂

The link to my Curious Cat page is here


On The Way (Audio)


Art by: ryky

This is the second poem I have voiced on my blog, I’m planning to make this a thing (even added a “voiced” tab on my blog’s menu). I feel like if my readers can hear how I read my poetry, they can better understand my delivery. Hope you enjoy 🙂

Here is a link to the original poem: On The Way 

(Any suggestions on which poems I should voice next are welcome)




Culmination of each written piece:

Unearthed by the intertwining of multiverse mediums

My “Post-poetry-discovery” personality is past relatable; 

Constantly, I raise the peace sign

As a Self-defining Afrofuturist,

Champion of the Black Star,

Otherworldly ink slinger;

One, if not all, take your pick.

Not entirely the point of focus

As the only thing that needs understanding

Is my position in the war between dark and light.


Before I forget, woe to those

That would dare interfere

With the formation of my inner thoughts;

Often caffeinated as the ballpoint rolls,

Often told its a bad habit – or so rumour has it –

But, if that is indeed the case,

You might as well say the same

Of the source; the art form.



I dance between the parallels of perception

What you think you see of me 

May indeed be the remnant of my astral projection

As each verse does its best to compress

A different facet of my personality.


I am – to surrounding cliques

What Cinderella’s glass shoe is, to her sisters;

I don’t fit, even as they desperately

Try to wear me as their own.

See, when I say I’m transparent

Believe me, I don’t exaggerate

Like glass, you will see through me

But only get to see, what lies beyond me,

And not me.


– O.D. ©2018


Art by: Joshua Mays






“Always and forever yours, Africa”

I absolutely love this picture; a combination of the chosen aesthetic and power behind the stripes. I immediately got inspired.



Out, standing,

As if to make existential, in the material,

That I am, indeed, outstanding.

Isolation facilitates

The unabridged flow of my thoughts.


My words and how I deliver them

Will undoubtedly trigger those

That would wish to have me in a position

That best suits anyone,

But me.


Black Magic is what I call my skin, 

I am the fable you grew believing does not exist,

I am that amalgamation of African spirits which

 Make me a nightmare to supremacists.

A sneeze? Please — perhaps even less,

Is more than enough to liquidate 

My supposed confinement.


How do I put this subtly?

“Your belief in my genius is irrelevant”

I am not your disciple; waiting eagerly

For you to say, what I inherently know to be true,

I am that intellectual phantom

You are yet to meet.


– O.D. ©2018


Photo by: sixreadrabbits
















A Date With You, Dear Reader (Final)


A Date With You, Dear Reader (Part 1)

A Date With You, Dear Reader (Part 2)

A Date With You, Dear Reader (Part 3)



“I hope I didn’t keep you waiting long” 😉



Black Star constituent with a sharp tongue

Wit with, a not-so-subtle-grit, accompanying what I speak,

My words are a cocktail best served as an extension

Of myself, on the foundation of this fragile existence.


What I stew in my cauldron, I stir to perfection.

Takes time to give my readers what they deserve;

“Nothing short of Argyle in literal form” I always say

The diamonds I dissolve on paper, glitter, if only

To spark that twinkle in your eyes,

A twinkle, you relay back to me, through your screen.


– O.D. ©2018


Art by: ryky
















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