To everyone who voted for my blog, thank you 🙂 . I am now waiting for the final results, once I know I will share; in the meantime, I will continue to write. Those who have followed me from the very beginning may notice that I’m not posting as much as I used to in the beginning. Ever since I got my job I have hardly had enough time to do everything I want, but I’m starting to find a balance. Soon i’ll have a holiday, and rest assured, I will go crazy on catching up then 😀

By the way, have you ever had a question for me but was hesitant or afraid to ask? Well, you can always get do that by using Curious Cat; and the best part is you can ask anonymously. So if you’re afraid of heat, you won’t get any; not that there’s any heat 🙂

The link to my Curious Cat page is here


Get to know me, and I, you.




My exterior, without a doubt

Has a forcefield that, 

To many, may seem impenetrable;

That may actually be the case,

But maybe it isn’t.


See what I did there?

That is, perhaps the best re-enactment

Of what those around me see during my interactions

I tell you something, without actually saying anything,

So engrained with the art, I am a mobile riddle.


Untying the knots that bind me

Is not the be all, end all,

I wish he would realize that

*ahem* pardon me, for showing my humanity.


In a bid to avoid being a narcissist like my mentor

I took every deviation possible;

Avoidance so overdone to the point of charting

Yet another, self-fulfilling prophecy.


I write about myself and they call me a narcissist

Given the impressionable labels of the consensus, I may be,

But did you take a moment to consider the fact

That I talk about myself

Because that may be, the one thing

I believe I actually know of?


The way I speak can be likened to that

Of an upside-down pyramid

Words start scattered all over the place, 

Eventually narrowing down to a singular point;

With that said, It may be time

For our fourth date, dear reader

I believe it is long overdue.


– O.D. ©2018


Art by: GUWEIZ







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